Reflect ⏳

  1. Describe this week in three words →
  2. What were the highs of this week?
  3. What were the lows of this week?
  4. What I learned this week?
  5. Who / what I’m grateful for?
  6. What I’d like to improve / what I hope for?

Declutter ⛩

Get my email inbox to zero
Review meeting notes I've made over the last few days; Follow-up if necessary.
What's on my mind personally?

Did I make any meaningful connections? What's on my Not-Do list? Am I showing up for the key people in my life?

What's on my mind professionally?

What worked well? Where did I get stuck? What did I learn?

Plan Ahead ✨

Set goals for the week ahead
Block out Focus time based on my goals
Go through my week meetings and adjust if needed

Push meetings after lunch; add agenda and context; cancel pointless meetings.

Answer: does my week match my goals? If not - adjust again.